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Subject: finding all files on a site
Author: fieroc
Date: 02/06/2004 20:39
Hi, I was interested in whether it was possible to somehow 
use this program, or a similar program with it, to find all 
the files on a site and its subsequent folders. So that 
when archiving a site, all files from that site are saved, 
not just the ones linked to on the front page. 
  Basically because I suspect someone is hosting files on 
their site that belong not to them, but to me. I've tried a 
few guesses as to the address, but have had no luck. So 
perhaps there is some kind of way to find them with this, 
or maybe there is some other kind of program for what I 
said. Maybe theres a technical name for it, google found 

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02/06/2004 20:39
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