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Subject: Re: finding all files on a site
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/07/2004 09:19
> Hi, I was interested in whether it was possible to 
> use this program, or a similar program with it, to find 
> the files on a site and its subsequent folders. So that 
> when archiving a site, all files from that site are 
> not just the ones linked to on the front page. 
>   Basically because I suspect someone is hosting files on 
> their site that belong not to them, but to me. I've tried 
> few guesses as to the address, but have had no luck.

No, is there are no links (even deep-links) to the files, 
there is no way you can detect them (HTTP does not allows 
to "list" folders, such as FTP - even if some HTTP servers 
can make "directory listings" as default / handling -- but 
this can be considered a security risk)

You can however adjust the scope of the mirror, by using 
(set options/scan rules):

This will ensure that all links that can be detected in are being downloaded.

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