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Subject: Should I have put in this...?
Author: Mama
Date: 05/05/2004 23:30
> This is probably a mistyped URL or something - the 
> ending of the commandline is: ... -* -%A  = 
> Therefore you must have forgotten a "=" somewhere (?!=, 
> for example in the URLs or in the scan rules area ?> 
> Anyway the other link was downloaded, but the "-*" scan 
> rules prevented from downloading anything else.

Ok, I *think* I understand. I checked that the URL I typed 
in was correct. The -* is what I typed in the scan rules 
because I didn't want the whole site copied (I was only 
after the pdfs) Should I have typed* in scan 
rules instead?
I have no idea where the -%A  = ) came from. Unless it was 
something to do with checking the box "Get non-html files 
related to a link" to catch the pdfs? 
>>>Either use filters (scan rules), or use:
.. and use Set Options/Links/"Get non-html files related 
a link" to fetch the "books" if they are non-html files 
(such as pdf's)<<<<

Ok, On re-reading this I'm not sure where I was supposed 
to put the -*?
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