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Subject: Re: .shtml files renamed to .html
Author: Tim Mohler
Date: 07/19/2004 19:43
> > When I'm spidering, a lot of .shtml files get renamed 
> > to .html.
> This is perfectly normal: shtml files whouldn't be 
> browsable locally. But all related links are then 
> by httrack, so there is no worry.

My problem is that I wish to reference these pages 
elsewhere - in email, a database, etc - and the link 
downloaded by htrack doesn't exist.

For instance, check out 

That page is saved locally as
My Web Sites/

While browsing locally, this works fine, however if I send 
<> to someone 
else, it produces a 404 error when they click on it.

Perhaps I'm not understanding something?
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