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Subject: I understand nothing!!!
Author: Marko
Date: 07/23/2004 03:06
I simpliy understand nothing. I have been trying this 
software together with WebRaper, but no hope for me. While 
reading the help everything sounds nice, but when I need to 
apply the knowledge, ..........>:( OK, I addmit there is 
one more help file remining for me to read it (by Fred 
Cohen), but after all already red help files I cannot get 
further from the very beginning so far and I feel I should.
As I have understood this program is more for folks who are 
rather knowledgeable about internet and the whole structure 
of it. What about poor simple users who just need to get 
several pages. Everything written in manual is more 
oriented towards principle: OK, you have seen a good site, 
or a directory, so you want to grab it all, but just put 
some filters first, e.g. do not download files bigger than 
xxxMB. But what if I go to, let's say, YahooTravel, and 
want to read some help about it, since I like that service. 
So, I click to help link, and YahooTravel help page opens: 
And when I look at it I do not like what I see. There are 
several links (categories) with many more sublinks, but 
most of them are deep two or three rarely four clicks. So, 
how can I just download all those "clicks" with all 
pictures, sounds, zips, whatever (they do not disturb me). 
I have tried almost everything. Actually I have already 
spent more time online testing this program, than surfing 
the site and clicking those links one by one. But mostly 
what I get when I start to download is a COMPLETE Yahoo 
help folder. All Yahoo helps!!!!
OK, I turn to the WebReaper, but there things are even 
worse. Things there are more visualised, so easier to 
controll, but results are catastrophic. I simply cannot 
download anything. What I get is Privacy Policy page, and 
blank pages. Actually, I get almost every link working 
exept those sublinks concerning YahooTravel. With both 
programs. This is also a remark to WinHTTrack, more 
visualisation, so I can see what is going on and the 
structure of the site. In WebRaper I can see the tree and 
cancel the links I do not like on-the-fly.
I have been trying and trying with many options, but I must 
say they a bit confusing here. I cannot distinguish program 
settings from download rules (filters). They are somehow 
mixed. I am not even sure whether should I put star after 
the address in filter, or directly in entered address. It 
would be much better when I could set the overall settings, 
and then just handle the filters and maybe some more 
options. To summarize, I can feel the power of this program 
(after have red the manuals), but I cannot use it as an 
average user. They are too far from me. Could it be somehow 
simplified, through buttons, windows,....?Uh, I went completely off the
subject and my first 
question, how to handle all the YahooTravel helps only? And 
more general, how just to download several clicks from the 
page like and start from? Please help!!
Since it seems that it is moslty up to me and my poor 
knowledge about how internet is structured, can anybody 
give any link to pages concernig this subject (how internet 
is structured). I would like to read something about it at, 
let's say, medium level.
Thanks in advance.

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