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Subject: Re: I understand nothing!!!
Author: Win-HTTrack-Fan-1
Date: 07/23/2004 17:27
What is it you want to know about YahooTravel?
The project is complicated because of where we start from
This is like 10 projects in one. 
It's not that complicated, on most projects

It's simpler to download each help category seperately

For instance if you only downloaded the Flight subtopic 
Try setting: 
  1. URL(s) Project Web Addresses:
  2. Option>>Limit>>mirror depth = 3 (INTERNAL ONLY) 
      (External Mirror Depth = 0)
  3. Option>>Scan Rules to: 

3 relatively simple steps
It's about the same for just about every other subtopic
   For:  <>

See how "flights" was replaced by "deals" 
 It works the same for all other categories
    (cruises, ratings, mytravel, guides) 
    (vacation, general, hotels, cars)

If you break projects into simple chunks, it's not hard

If you want to read about Web Structure, See:    
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