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Subject: Re: I understand nothing!!!
Author: Marko
Date: 07/23/2004 14:09
Well, that is exactly what I was affraid of. I have to put 
many options and filters to get what I want. And I just 
want to inform myself about YahooTravel, not to go that 
deep into the subject. But more and more I am sure that 
this is up to me, not the program. Obviously I am not that 
knowledgeable about how internet is structured, so it looks 
to me as just several simple clicks, but behind it there is 
much more complex organisation. But still, it comes out 
that this program can be of use when I find a interesting 
site, so  I just grab it all.
Anyway, thanks a lot for info and help. Do you, or anybody 
else know about any good web pages where I could get a bit 
closer to the structure of internet. Again, thanks. ;)
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