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Subject: Link URL renaming
Author: George Michalopoulos
Date: 08/17/2004 15:49
Hello everyone!

I am having a problem which I was hoping httrack could help
me solve. I am trying to download a newspaper site which I
then want to transfer to my Palm PDA using Plucker. The
links contained in these pages are of the form:


Httrach downloads everything perfectly and works great,
however Plucker gets confused by this sort of links and fails.

I was wondering whether I could set httrack not to keep the
original link URLs but to change them into something
straight-forward like
<file:///home/george/websites/{name}/link1.htm>, and so on.
That way Plucker should be happy as well.

I have tried with the renaming options but they do not
address this particular issue. (I am using WebHTTrack 3.32.2
under Linux 2.4.22 in case it matters)

Your help would be greatly appreciated!



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