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Subject: Try this!
Author: Eckart
Date: 10/08/2004 03:04
Hi Fabio,

it really helps that you mention the site you want to mirror:

It's definitely _not_ HTTrack's fault here!

You have to dig a little deeper into things since this site
is rather complex to mirror -- much more complex than most
other sites.

Take a look at the URL of the sunset photo on the main page:

It's not only not in the /drackon directory but also on a
different server AND is not recognizable as a JPG image to

Your "All photos" URL is:

Good news is that "drackon" seems to be in all relevant URLs.

So you should try something like: 

URL: <>

Scan Rules:

It's not that hard, is it?! ;)

BUT due to the bad design of image URLs, e.g.

HTTrack doesn't recognize the images as such :( and saves
them as HTML files. To be able to view them after download,
you may use the Windows Explorer's (NOT Internet Explorer's)
search function and search for ALL FILES in this HTTrack
project that have the string "JFIF" in them. Then use a tool
of your choice (e.g. command prompt or Total Commander) to
rename the resulting files to .jpg.

You could set the option "Build"/"local structure type" to
"HTML in web/html, images/other in web/images" in order to
avoid having all their different servers (see below) listed.
Unfortunately (due to what I explained above), images will
be among the HTML files in the html folder. :(

Otherwise, due to the sites structure, you will have many of
fotolog's servers in your project as directory folders:

HTH! -- Sorry, but _that_ site is not the easiest to start
with... :/


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