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Subject: Crash.txt
Author: kirax2
Date: 02/04/2006 17:11
I have a *very* large site I'm trying to mirror.  The difficulty is that it's a
forum site with links that change depending on login session.  So, for
example, I start at the main page at <>.  I glance at the
bottom of the page and note that it says "Script execution time .1245",  "6
queries used".  Now I enter one of the forums, then click on the link at the
top of the page to go back to the index.  Glancing at the bottom of the page,
I now note that the  "script execution time" has become .1430.  Also, the
address of the index is now

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this means that httrack now has to mirror each of
these two index pages, essentially mirroring the entire forum twice.  And this
happens every time I go back and forth between the index and a forum.

Now, I don't care if it takes several days to mirror the whole forum, or how
large the final mirror is; I just want to make sure it all gets saved.  I
figured I'd just let the program go and if there's a great deal of redundancy
in the final product, at least it's all there.  However, when the program gets
to between 40,000 to 60,000 links or so, it *always* crashes.  

This is the crash report: HTTrack 3.40.1 closed at '\Dev\htscache.c', line
assert failed: zip_disk_write_failed

The size of the folder on the disk is not huge, about 600 meg for the current
attempt (which got to about 40,000 to 50,000 links done before crashing).  And
the redundancy is not as bad as it might be; there are actually only about
2000 html files saved so far, a total of about 100 meg.  I have 13 gig
available, so I don't think it's running into disk space problems.

I've filtered everything that I can think of, links for posting, links for
tracking posts, links to email members, etc.  There's not much more I can
filter, since the links change every time.  And since they change, I can't
update the site, only re-mirror it every time.  ^^;

Any suggestions? 

Thanks very much! 
aka kirax2

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