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Subject: How I got it working - downloading forums (php)
Author: kirax2
Date: 02/05/2006 16:17
I wanted to say that I got this working.  If anyone is having a similar
problem, I went through the options and changed a lot of things, including
associating php files with html/text in the MIME types section, turning off
the update cache (since it didn't work for these dynamically generated pages
anyway), turning on the "download html files first" option, forcing old
http/1.0 requests, and increasing the max transfer bit rate.  I may have done
one or two other things, but those were the main ones.  Of course, I also set
up my scan rules to reject links associated with posting, searching, and other
functions that can only be done on the board itself; this is just common

I hope this helps someone else.
Good luck!
aka kirax2
P.S. Thanks again to the creators of this fantastic program!
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