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Subject: Re: How I got it working - downloading forums (php)
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/06/2006 21:34
> I wanted to say that I got this working.  If anyone
> is having a similar problem, I went through the
> options and changed a lot of things, including
> associating php files with html/text in the MIME
> types section, turning off the update cache (since
> it didn't work for these dynamically generated pages
> anyway)

Humm, there's a probable bug in the cache handling with (possibly) either many
files and/or large directories.

This is a very annoying bug I just can't reproduce, and if anyone has a clear
reproductible case, I'm really interested.

FYI, the crash occurs while creating a new ZIP entry (the zipOpenNewFileInZip
call in htscache.c) and I really don't understand how it can screw up (except
by reaching the 2GB cache limit - but this is far from this limit as far as I

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