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Subject: .php? Images Won't Download
Author: Tom
Date: 04/25/2009 16:54

I've been spending the last few hours trying to mirror a site of a local
biking community to no avail. So far, I've managed to fetch everything off the
site except some images.

All images are put on every page and referred to by links adhering to this
kind of pattern:

Mentioning the URL of the site here is useless, since it requires offline
organization-approved registration (one cannot register online). I have,
however, found a web site that works in a very similar fashion, which is:

If you click on a thumbnail, you will be taken to another page which shows you
the large version of the picture. The large picture on that second page is
referred to by means of a PHP link as described above. I can't figure out how
to get WinHTTrack fetch the large images. Anyone knows what I can do to solve
this problem?

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04/25/2009 16:54
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04/26/2009 00:42
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04/26/2009 06:02


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