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Subject: Re: .php? Images Won't Download
Author: William Roeder
Date: 04/25/2009 19:01
> All images are put on every page and referred to by
> links adhering to this kind of pattern:
> <>
> Mentioning the URL of the site here is useless,
> since it requires offline organization-approved
> registration (one cannot register online). I have,
> however, found a web site that works in a very
> similar fashion, which is:
> <>
> If you click on a thumbnail, you will be taken to
> another page which shows you the large version of
> the picture. The large picture on that second page
> is referred to by means of a PHP link as described
> above. I can't figure out how to get WinHTTrack
> fetch the large images. Anyone knows what I can do
> to solve this problem?
On <> the picture
links to

You get two problems.
1) the page is /selebriti/... and the link is /u/...
Httrack, by default only goes down. /u/ is not below /selebriti/ do it won't
follow the link.

2) the image is on but the mirror is on,
by default httrack will not cross sites

Easiest fix, add a filter +**

On your original site, you don't state what page the link was on so I can't
verify that's the same problem.
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