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Subject: Re: .php? Images Won't Download
Author: Jonathan
Date: 04/26/2009 00:42
Hi, if you want to know how to download a particular image file, you must find
out which server the file/s are stored on.

The website may or may not be password protected, but if it is not you should
be able to download everything in that folder as soon as you have found the
exact web address of the images that you want.

You must find out where the file is 'located' by right clicking on the image
and then choosing properties.

An example is shown below :

The folder containing the image :

The web address of the image :

A typical PHP style website address which is used to link two websites

Don't bother trying to look at the webpage source when trying to download
images of this nature.

Look for a specific folder and an index.html file which will have a list of
the folders contents.
The example has been trimmed due to the forum rules.
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