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Subject: Cancel & "Continue interrupted download"
Author: Bandit
Date: 11/30/2009 05:57
I am using WinHTTrack 3.43-7 and only experimenting with it, so if you are
using it for "practical" purposes, you are probably experiencing some things I

However, in my trials (and errors), I have started mirroring several times and
cancelled during the run, then gone back and used the "Continue interrupted
download" action and not had any problem.  It might not pick up as quickly as
if paused and unpaused, but it does not seem to start over, "re-downloading
what you already have, or it will delete your local copy".

An exception may be (recently posted)
who have poorly written the code to make every image downloaded as new.  This
would happen even in a browser like Firefox, when you click the "back" button,
the images would be re-downloaded EVERY time because of how the site is

I haven't seen that "lots of other people have complained about this" but I
have not been reading this forum very long.  But it seems to me like the
people who own and operate the servers and have their bandwidth sucked up
unnecessarily are the ones who need to "fix this" lol.  At least in any case
where it is something that they have done wrong to begin with...


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