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Subject: Re: Cancel & "Continue interrupted download"
Author: William Roeder
Date: 11/30/2009 19:23
> I am using WinHTTrack 3.43-7 and only experimenting

> However, in my trials (and errors), I have started
> mirroring several times and cancelled during the
> run, then gone back and used the "Continue
> interrupted download" action and not had any
> problem.  It might not pick up as quickly as if
> paused and unpaused, but it does not seem to start
> over, "re-downloading what you already have, or it
> will delete your local copy".
When you press cancel, everything not already processed in the cache is lost.
On a new mirror, there is nothing to loose. On an UPDATE, you loose and if Do
Not Purge is not checked, all remaining files will be deleted and

> I haven't seen that "lots of other people have
> complained about this" but I have not been reading
I complained when the first 3.4x came out. It works in 3.32
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