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Subject: Re: "It works in 3.32"
Author: Bandit
Date: 12/01/2009 18:53
> When you press cancel, 
> everything not already processed in the cache is lost.
> I complained when the first 3.4x came out.
> It works in 3.32

Maybe I misread that...

Do you mean that the Cancel and subsequent Continue Interrupted Download
worked correctly in 3.32?
Or in other words, when you Cancel a mirror in progress, the data not already
processed in the cache remains - in v3.32 - so that the Continue picks up at
the point the last run was cancelled.  Is that it?
If so, that answers my previous question "what about the 3rd option?"  The
implication being that it doesn't work as expected because it has to do a lot
of scans to rebuild the cache rather than working with the cache that existed
before the user canceled. 
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