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Subject: Re: Cancel & "Continue interrupted download"
Author: Bandit
Date: 12/01/2009 18:43
> When you press cancel, everything not already
> processed in the cache is lost. On a new mirror,
> there is nothing to loose. On an UPDATE, you loose
> and if Do Not Purge is not checked, all remaining
> files will be deleted and redownloaded.

What about the 3rd option?i.e. NOT "Download web site" (aka new)
and NOT "Update existing download"
but "Continue interrupted download"?
> > I haven't seen that "lots of other people have
> > complained about this" but I have not been reading
> I complained when the first 3.4x came out. It works in 3.32

Then I trust it is TRULY a problem LOL :)

Don't know if this is related or a side-issue, but I've noticed since I
downloaded and ran the 3.33 or 3.32 version, the 3.43 now wants to hang almost
every time I choose either "update" or "continue", as if it can't read or
process the cache.  I have to kill it in windows task manager then go back and
it will run the 2nd time.  I thought I saw that this was a bug that was fixed
in one of the versions prior to 3.43...?
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