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Author: UTF-8
Date: 06/16/2012 23:56

I'm having a bit of trouble downloading html files from sites that have
characters "ä", "ö" or "å" in the file name.

Here's the site I've had trouble with:

Links on that page that have characters ö, ä or å won't work because the
file names are not saved with those characters.

HTTrack downloads the files, but it saves them like this:
bärdaquiri.html -> bärdaiquiri.html
bärshake.html -> bärshake.html
istället_för_dessert.html -> istället_för_dessert.html

There seem to be also other problems since the pages won't show up as they
should. Some pictures won't save as they should. (red_arrow_right.gif)

Can anyone help me?

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