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Author: UTF-8
Date: 06/19/2012 20:03
> The default is for httrack to go down only and /Files/Billeder/recept
> is NOT down from /se/recept/kalla_drycker. 
> You don't get formatting for the same reason. CSS is not DOWN

I thought HTTrack would get images and other files that are marked as
fetchable in scan rules if they were anywhere on the domain. For me HTTrack
downloads the images and CSS files from /Files/Billeder/recept even when I
have travel mode set to default which is down. I've understood that travel
mode affects only on HTM/HTML files and such.

> If you want everything use the near flag (get non-html files related)

I recall "Get non-HTML files" option being necessary for files that are in
another domain, but I'm not sure about this. I don't need to use that option
since HTTrack downloads the files without using it. I have tried putting the
option on, but it doesn't solve any of the the problems.

After writing this, I tried some options out and found a solution to most of
the problems. You need to set "Force old HTTP 1.0 requests" on. HTTrack
downloads the HTML files correctly, but cuts them after 525 or 524 lines if
that option isn't turned on. There is still 1 problem but that can be fixed
easily by hand. There are two triangle images that aren't showing up
correctly. Modifying easypaginate.js fixes the problem. I couldn't get HTTrack
to download red_arrow_left.gif which is linked in the easypaginate.js file.
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