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Subject: transfer rate problem
Author: ed carter
Date: 03/08/2004 20:09
I am running Win. XP Prof, a DSL line and HTTRACK 3.31 
BETA 3. No matter
what value I place in the Max transfer rate box (options) 
it seems to have
little or no effect. This is maddening, while I would like 
to download the
site in question as fast as possible I cannot do that. Any 
time the transfer
rate exceeds 5000B/s (and I have seen it run as high as 
30,000B/s with the
setting set at 2000B/s) the file it is attempting to 
download fails and I
get an error that says unable to save file so and so 
permission denied. As
long as the transfer rate is below 5000B/s everything 
works fine. Can this
be fixed? The site I am downloading is about 2.3 gig in 
size so it takes
hours/days to download and to have most of the downloaded 
files as errors is
making me crazy.

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