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Subject: Re: transfer rate problem
Author: ed carter
Date: 03/10/2004 14:44
To repeat the problem: The setting in the max transfer 
rate box seems to have no effect on the actual transfer 
rate. Regardless of the setting the transfer rate takes 
off on its own and if it exceeds 5KiB/s the download 
fails. When it is less than 5KiB/s everything works OK.
To answer your questions, here is a copy of the error 
message:    13:09:47	Error: 	Unable to save file 
/photos/40ccra-573.jpg : Permission denied

 I have used any number of connections between 1 and 8, 
and the same thing happens in all cases.

The keep alive box has been checked. I have not tried to 
run with it unchecked. I will be away for a few days and 
will try to run with it unchecked when I return unless I 
hear differently from you. Thank you for your help. Ed 
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